Allyson Chrystal

Allyson Chrystal is an occupational therapist and clinical instructor specializing in pediatrics. In her clinical work and research, Allyson has focused on sensory integration and self-regulation in children with behavioral and developmental disorders. More recently, she has expanded her self-regulation work to include typically developing children and adolescents. Allyson is also currently completing a Master’s degree in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

PRESENTATION: Evolutionary Mismatch: Kids in Crisis

Evidence of physiological, emotional, and social imbalances in children are increasingly identified, yet the root cause of these global imbalances remains unaddressed. Why is there a marked increase in social withdrawal, attention and anxiety disorders, and violence in our youth? Why are our children statistically the unhealthiest they have ever been? Why do so many of our children lack the skills necessary to establish and maintain meaningful connections with peers, parents, and teachers?

Theories abound, yet do not engender plausible solutions. When we consider the environments in which our children learn, play, and interact, there are unmistakable patterns of evolutionary mismatch. A clearer understanding of such mismatches from an ancestral health perspective can be essential in creating environments that best support children’s health and development.


Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe current trends in children’s physical and emotional health
  • Identify evidence of evolutionary mismatch in child development
  • Explain several factors contributing to disconnection among children
  • List strategies for supporting children’s physiological, emotional, and social development from an ancestral health perspective