Anastasia Boulais


Anastasia, the original founder of The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand, and current president, is a medical doctor with a passion for preventative health based on evolutionary principles. She currently works as a medical officer in an acute care clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand, while completing her admission to the Royal College of Urgent Care.

Anastasia follows ancestral health principles in all aspects of her own life, from food to movement, sleep, connection to nature, and maintaining meaningful relationships. Her core philosophy is that society took a wrong turn in its quest for health and longevity in the last 50 years by reducing food to a sum of macro- and micro-nutrients and handing over crucial decisions on what we put in our mouths into the hands of the Food Industry.

She believes we also made radical changes to the way we work, sleep, stay active, interact with nature and with our community, creating an environment which is foreign to our genes and restrictive to our potential. Ancestral lifestyle, according to Anastasia, is not a re-enactment of the distant past. It is a recognition that we were shaped by the millions of years of evolution, not decades of food and nutrition science and marketing.