Pedro Bastos

Pedro Carrera Bastos is a Portuguese researcher and PhD candidate in Nutrition at Lund University, Sweden (under the supervision of the late Dr. Staffan Lindeberg, author of the famous Kitava Study.) Pedro holds an MSc in Human Nutrition and Post-Graduate Diplomas in Functional Nutrition, Exercise and Health and Clinical Nutrition.

Professionally he is Director of Education at NutriScience (a Portuguese and Spanish nutrition education company), and lectures extensively about Nutrition and Functional Medicine in Europe, the USA and Latin America. He is best known for being an expert on the effects of Dairy in Human Health and for being the first author of the scientific paper “The Western Diet and Lifestyle and Diseases of Civilization”.

In memory of Dr Staffan Lindeberg, who sadly passed away late in 2016, Pedro will be delivering the Staffan Lindeberg Memorial Lecture on behalf of The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand.