Our Love Affair With Speed



Our cultural environment is in love with speed. We want speedy internet and fast cars, we also want to lose weight fast and get results quick. But has anyone asked “What’s the rush? Where are we trying to get to?”

There’s a greatly underplayed relationship between living fast and poor health – not just physical, but also of the mind and spirit. Speed and stress unbalance our mind and spirit; over time this silently erodes our full capacity and power, and we unknowingly become more and more unconscious. It’s time to take a deep breath and slow down. Take your time and paradoxically get more out of life.

Upcoming Events

  1. With speakers coming from Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, as well as plenty of home-grown New Zealand talent, this a truly international event. Our presenters will cover a range of topics, including nutrition, medicine, psychology, movement and physical activity, including theory, and in some cases, practical application, discussing the evolutionary origins of disease, modern biological mismatches, and how the knowledge of the past might inform us on both the problems of present, and those of the future.

    International Symposium 2017 – Queenstown, NZ

    October 20 - October 22