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Revive and be Kind

  By Dr Karen Faisandier As I start writing this piece, I sit wondering where 2019 went – as you may also be wondering. There’s a sense each year is becoming faster and faster, like a merry-go-round we can’t find our way off. The quicker life gets, the greater my instinct to slow myself down; Read More

Are you eating enough to get a period?

  By Dr Lara Briden As more women move to restricted diets such as “clean eating”, vegan, or keto, more women are losing their periods. Losing periods to undereating is called hypothalamic amenorrhea, and it’s common. How does under-eating stop periods? Too few calories or too little of any macronutrient can switch off signalling from Read More

Daylight Robbery: Part 2

  By Jamie Scott As previously mentioned, there is much focus on melatonin as our primary ‘sleep hormone’ because of the association of low levels of melatonin and poor sleep architecture (such as delayed sleep onset or an inability to stay asleep for long).  This often leads to people trying to boost melatonin levels via Read More

Daylight Robbery: Part 1

  By Jamie Scott Over the course of 2018-19, I was involved in a research and writing project, a part of which fundamentally changed how I view the key drivers of day-to-day wellbeing in our societies.  I was initially looking at the primary promoters and disrupters of sleep, and with respect to the disrupters, there Read More

Plant Based Health Special Series: Why Women Thrive on Animal Protein

By Dr Lara Briden As a biologist and a clinician, I’m a practical person. I don’t adhere to any particular theory or “diet philosophy” but am instead open to any way of eating that demonstrably supports the vitality and wellness of my patients. For me, that’s the fundamental test: “Is this diet working for my Read More