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Our International Symposium was a huge success, was enjoyed by all, and has inspired planning for the next event in 2017.  The AHSNZ team is taking a well-deserved summer break to recharge.  Look out for some exciting developments early in 2016, including the release of all the videos recorded at our October 2015 symposium.

All videos from the 2015 symposium can be found here.

PODCAST: Highlights from The Ancestral Health Symposium – Part 1

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Your health, and the collective health as a society, is kind of a big deal.  For all the information we have available, literally at our fingertips, for all of the computing power and ability to process data, and for all the ability of modern medicine to put you back together after major trauma, we live in a world where if you are an optimally healthy human being, you are in the minority.  Indeed, humans are broken.

History tells us that it hasn’t always been this way.  Sure, between predator and plague, war and wanting for food, things haven’t all been plain sailing for our species. But in modern times, for everything we have available to us – and perhaps because of that very reason – the aspects of our health, over which we have the most control, have been in rapid decline.  If our ancestral selves could see us today, they might be shocked.

Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental illness, autoimmune disease – all largely preventable diseases of modern civilisation and all diseases our ancestors rarely had to contend with.  What could we learn about the lives of our ancestors, both immediate and distant, that could improve our health, and the health of our societies, if we were smart enough to cherry-pick the best bits of how they lived and put a 21st century spin on them?  It is this very notion that the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand wants to explore.

The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand is a community of scientists, healthcare professionals, and laypersons who collaborate to understand health challenges from the evolutionary perspective of our ancestors.  We invite you to explore this website to discover more about us, and, more importantly, more about yourself and your health.