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*This is an archived post that we managed to salvage from the previous website owner. This is not our content.

We are proud to announce that our next conference will be held in the best little capital city, Wellington, Saturday, March 28th.
The latest in the series of day-conferences held by The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand will focus on the various challenges we face, as individuals, and as a society, in the modern world. While we perceive the life in the 21st century as significantly more secure than in any other period experienced by our species, our modern urban environments are not without their challenges for us;
Modern social norms and unrealistic expectations threaten the way we view our bodies;
Meaningless metrics of ‘health’, such as the number on the bathroom scale, undermine our self-esteem and self-worth;
Our modern diet and lifestyle rob us of our fertility;
Life in the fast lane erodes our psychological well-being;
Our complacency and creature comforts reduce our physical and mental ability to survive an extreme natural events such as an earthquake.
Our speakers will challenge your thinking about how you live your every day urban jungle life, ask whether you are merely surviving instead of thriving, question whether you are blindly susceptible to the latest fads, and ask you honestly assess your preparedness to survive the worst nature might throw at you.
The conference will conclude with the Ancestral Movement Workshop. The Workshop was a huge success at our previous conference in Wanaka. This time it will be conducted by NZ parkour experts who will take us to the ‘jungle’ around the university campus and teach us the basics of natural movement as applied to urban environments. As the participants in Wanaka found out, these sessions are accessible to ALL ages, levels and abilities, and are loads of fun!
A healthy lunch will be provided for our participants and is included in the price of your ticket.
Survival of the Fittest: Lessons from the Christchurch Earthquakes
Jamie Scott, Health Researcher, Synergy Health, Christchurch
Whakapapa or fatness? Assessing physical health and performance with measures that matter
Dr Isaac Warbrick, PhD, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland
Our love affair with speed: Why it really isn’t sexy
Lulu Loya Wu, Health Coach, Wellington
Fertility vs Famine – A delicate balance of survival
Kate Callaghan, Nutritionist, Wanaka
Surviving modernity’s ‘fadism’: Exploring the ethics of ancestral health
Andrew Dickson, PhD, Massey University, Palmerston North
Weight loss: The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Dr Anastasia Boulais, Medical Practitioner, Christchurch
Max Bell
Shelley Bell
Jason Young