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[AHSNZ AUCKLAND] Mismatch: Food, Mood, Movement

August 6, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


The mismatch of nutrition, environment and movement is leading to unprecedented deterioration in physical and mental health in children and adults of all ages.

Mikki Williden, Julianne Taylor and Matthew Stewart will address how this mismatch triggers inflammation (at the heart of many modern diseases) and nutrient deficiencies, and its impact on our mental and physical health (including our mood, our muscle and skeletal health, and our ability to maintain daily function).

Practical strategies that we can personally take to turn this around will be presented in what will be a fun and informative morning.


Building Better Bones from the Ground Up
~ Matthew Stewart

Bone fragility and osteoporosis rates are increasing, with hip fractures in the elderly a major cause of morbidity and associated health care costs.  Bone fragility can be viewed from the mismatch hypothesis; modern agricultural practices, food processing and eating patterns, environmental changes and increasingly sedentary lifestyles are mismatched with the evolutionary pressures that shaped the human musculoskeletal system.

Matthew will discuss what we can we do to close the gap between our health span and life span including looking after our bones.

Matthew Stewart is a registered osteopath in private practice in Mt Eden with post-graduate qualifications in higher education. Matthew has worked as a clinician and educator in the health field for 20 years in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the USA. His interest is focused on the effect of movement, lifestyle and nutrition on the physiology and function of the connective tissues of the body, In his spare time, Matthew loves to run, lift heavy things, and attempt to turn a patch of kikuyu covered clay into a productive garden.


Skin Deep: Are We Being Blinded by Body Size?
~ Mikki Williden

Recent reports suggest the overweight and obesity rates in children are levelling off, yet other important health indicators (nutrient status, dental health, allergies and mental health) suggest that the health of our younger population continues to decline. Mikki will discuss the pitfalls of using body size as the main measure of health, and implications this may have on long term health.

Dr Mikki Williden, PhD, is a registered nutritionist with postgraduate degrees in nutrition and public health, and a physical education degree. She has a private nutrition clinic, an online nutrition coaching business and is a regular contributor to Bite Magazine in the NZ Herald, writes for Kiwi Trail Magazine and is a Research Associate at AUT University, Auckland. In her downtime, she loves to run, on both roads and trails, drink coffee, listen to music and potter in the kitchen.


Inflammation: Fanning the Flames or Quenching the Fire?
~ Julianne Taylor

Inflammation is a byproduct of our modern lifestyles and contributes to many of the ‘diseases of civilisation’. How does our modern way of living cause inflammation, not just what the food we eat, but lifestyle and environment? What are practical proven ways to reduce inflammation and increase our body’s anti-inflammatory protective factors?

Julianne Taylor is a registered nurse and nutritionist, whose passion for nutrition started when a dietary change to an ancestral model reduced a host of niggling health problems, including eliminating auto-immune joint inflammation. This inspired a post graduate qualitative research project investigating the use of a paleo diet by people with rheumatoid arthritis.   Julianne has also been the sole researcher for two prime time television documentaries, most recently 3 x 1 hour series presented by Simon Gault called “Why Are We Fat?” investigating the obesity epidemic. Julianne is currently challenging herself with powerlifting.


August 6, 2017
9:00 am - 1:00 pm




The Surrey Hotel
465 Great North Rd
Auckland, 1021 New Zealand
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