Part 1: On 21st Century Excesses and Deficiencies

Dr. Karen Faisandier provides an overview of her talk in late 2016, under the auspices of AHSNZ. This talk was part of a women’s wellness event with Dr Lara Briden and Dr Anastasia Boulais. Karen discussed the psychological expression of physical excesses and deficiencies. Here is part one of her summary of the talk, including Read More

There is Nothing Inevitable or Natural About Chronic Disease

There seem to be no silver bullets. Causation at the molecular level, deep inside the body, appears to be beyond our current reach. But what about pushing against the ultimate cause – not within us, but in the outside world? Are we fated to follow the New Zealanders’ folly, causing damage with every effort to treat? Or, can we learn what external forces have made us so chronically ill, and push back there?

Weight Loss: Pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Any discussion about health and well-being, whether at your doctor’s office, office tearoom or over a coffee with friends, inevitably focuses on weight loss. As a society, we are preoccupied with our relationship with gravity and we often judge our health, social success and overall happiness against that marker.

Modernity’s Fadism

Nutritionists, dietitians and others in this industry are living in tense times. Practitioners who aspire to follow an ancestral health philosophy are no exception. Tensions abound in many facets of their work, such as those that exist between contradictory bodies of knowledge within the general field of nutritional science.

Fertility Versus Famine

Our survival as a species depends on our ongoing fertility however modern lifestyles, diets and attitudes are creating more of a “famine” environment, pushing our body into fight-or-flight mode and compromising our ability to reproduce. Find out how you can optimise your nutrition, exercise and mindset to optimise your fertility and the survival of the human race.

Our Love Affair With Speed

There’s a greatly underplayed relationship between living fast and poor health – not just physical, but also of the mind and spirit. Speed and stress unbalance our mind and spirit; over time this silently erodes our full capacity and power, and we unknowingly become more and more unconscious.

The Primal Shift Interviews AHSNZ

In late January, the President and Vice-President of the Ancestral Health Society, Jamie Scott and Dr Anastasia Boulais, were fortunate to grab a few hours with Jo and Crystal – two-thirds of the Melbourne-based The Primal Shift team.  During that time, between the sharing of good food and good coffee, The Primal Shift team recorded Read More

Ancestral Health and Psychiatry Part 2 – Circadian Rhythms

by Dr Greg Brown Read Part 1 here Intersecting with this discussion of inflammation, the gut, and psychosocial stress is the other half of my theme — sleep and circadian rhythms. Inadequate sleep is endemic, and dealing with sleep problems is a noticeably increasing part of my practice. Both acute and chronic sleep deprivation cause Read More

Ancestral Health and Psychiatry Part 1 – Nutrition

by Dr Greg Brown Modern psychiatry exemplifies the reductionist approach which plagues much of modern medicine. What do I mean by this? Well, reductionism comprises breaking down complex systems into individual components, often in an effort to explain how things work in terms of the functioning of these smaller, simpler elements. Carried to an extreme, Read More