Meet Our Speakers

Our 2017 symposium brings together a diverse and distinguished range of scientists, scholars, teachers, clinicians, and students, all with an interest in human health and well-being from an ancestral perspective.

Pilar Gerasimo (United States of America)

Dr Ihirangi Heke (New Zealand)

Ben Logan (New Zealand)

Dr Nigel Harris (New Zealand)

Katy Bowman (United States of America)

Sean Wilson (Australia)

Darryl Edwards (United Kingdom)

Dr Lara Briden (Canada/New Zealand)

Dr Polina Sayess (Ukraine/United States of America)

Adjunct Professor Anne-Thea McGill (New Zealand/Australia)

Dr Tim Gerstmar (United States of America)

Dr Victoria Prince (United States of America)

Dr Andre Bonny (New Zealand)

Dr Anastasia Boulais (Russia/New Zealand)

Dr Greg Brown (United Kingdom/New Zealand)

Dr Mikki Williden (New Zealand)

Dr Melyssa Roy (New Zealand)

Steven Hamley (Australia)

Professor Felice Jacka (Australia)

Steph Gaudreau (United States of America)

Pedro Bastos (Portugal)

Allyson Chrystal (United States of America)

Dr Karen Faisandier (New Zealand)

Dr Andrew Dickson (New Zealand)

Dallas Hartwig (Canada/United States of America)