Steph Gaudreau

Steph Gaudreau’s purpose is to help people get stronger so they can reach their full potential. Steph’s professional career started with a 12-year stint teaching high school science before she made the (scary but exciting) leap into entrepreneurship in 2013. These days, Steph’s a best-selling author whose work focuses on her popular website, Stupid Easy Paleo, where she writes and rants about food & fitness. Her Harder to Kill Challenge has helped hundreds of women return to non-crazy ways of eating, moving, and thinking. When not working, Steph can be found in San Diego coaching weightlifting, tending to her urban beehive, reading nerdy non-fiction, and hanging with the loves of her life, her Scottish husband Z and her cat Ellie Hopkins.

PRESENTATION: The Unhustle Project: Insights Into the Glorification of Busy

In the Western world, humans are busier than ever, yet we’re getting precious little done…and feeling increasingly terrible about it. When the pace ramps up, we run faster, trying to get a foothold. The demands on women are especially high with career to uphold, family to care for, and home to maintain.

Could consciously choosing to slow down – The Unhustle – really buy us more time and productivity?


  • the “glorification of busy”
  • how moving faster affects us physically and mentally
  • how our modern social and technological practices hurt instead of help
  • why women are particularly susceptible
  • practical tips for opting out