Steven Hamley

Steven Hamley is a PhD candidate at Deakin University in Melbourne. His research project is on the prevalence of pre-diabetes and insulin resistance in healthy young adults and the relationship these have with body composition, diet, metabolites, and alterations in insulin signalling.

For his honours thesis, his research group was the first to demonstrate that only 1 week of a simple diet switch completely reversed HFD-induced pre-diabetes in mice, and then followed this up by investigating the metabolic and biochemical basis for the change. Steven’s honours thesis received the highest mark in the school, earning him two student prizes and a PhD scholarship.

PRESENTATION: Insulin Resistance: the Elephant in the Room of Chronic Disease

Insulin resistance is an underappreciated contributing factor in many of what are referred to as the diseases of civilisation.  Insulin resistance and metabolic diseases are a common and major issue in modern industrialised societies, but were extremely rare a few generations ago and remain near absent in modern hunter-gatherers and traditional cultures.  However, insulin resistance is rarely tested for in conventional clinical practice. Instead, fasting glucose is used as a surrogate, but this approach yields many false negatives.  In this presentation, Steven will discuss methods to measure insulin resistance or predict those who are likely to have it, and strategies to reduce the risk of becoming insulin resistant and to improve insulin sensitivity.


  • Identify those at risk of insulin resistance
  • Gain awareness of strategies to improve insulin sensitivity