The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand | Te Kauwhata Tūhauora o Aotearoa (AHSNZ) is proud to announce that following the success of our October 2015 event, we will be returning with our next international symposium in the same location in 2017!


One of the core aims of AHSNZ is to promote research and disseminate knowledge relevant to the health, environmental, and economic benefits of an ancestral lifestyle.  Believing that the discussion, debating, and sharing of such knowledge is best done in real time, and in person, AHSNZ’s aim is to hold regular one-day conferences, and this biannual international symposium, to allow broader interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists, healthcare professionals, and laypersons who study and communicate about the human ecological niche and modern health from an evolutionary perspective.

Several of the foundation members of the AHSNZ have been regular attendees of our sister society’s annual conference in the USA.  Attendees to the AHS symposia would all agree that there is no substitute for hearing a speaker discuss their topic of interest live, and being able to meet and mingle with so many passionate like-minded souls in person.  It is often the serendipitous meetings between the lectures and presentations which can lead to further opportunity for collaboration, knowledge development, and friendships, as many members of these societies and their spin-offs will attest to.


The AHSNZ has been fortunate to secure one of the most stunning venues possible for such a conference – the award-winning Icon Room at the Heritage Queenstown, as well as special conference rates and dining menus for those delegates who choose to stay on site.


Heritage Hotel, Queenstown

Heritage Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand

Icon Conference Facility, Heritage Queenstown

Icon Conference Facility, Heritage Queenstown

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