Modernity’s Fadism


PHD Sociology (Massey University)

Nutritionists, dietitians and others in this industry are living in tense times. Practitioners who aspire to follow an ancestral health philosophy are no exception. Tensions abound in many facets of their work, such as those that exist between contradictory bodies of knowledge within the general field of nutritional science. In this presentation, Massey University’s Dr Andrew Dickson argues that ‘fadism’ is the most significant current issue threatening the ancestral health movement. By tracing the ethics of fadism and comparing to the existing ethics of nutritionism via philosophical thought, Dr Dickson concludes by presenting an alternative ethical strategy for practitioners of ancestral health, one that moves away from fascism within fadism toward a respect for the subject.


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  1. We are once again privileged to welcome speakers from all around the world, including Pedro Bastos (Portugal), Darryl Edwards (UK), and Cliff Harvey (NZ). Our presenters will cover a range of topics, such as nutrition, physical activity, and environmental issues, with a special emphasis in 2020 on our theme, The Health of the Land, The Health of the People.

    Modernity’s Fadism

    January 29 @ 1:34 am